It is a known fact that email marketing is a powerful tool to target the clients and prospects of any firm and also, it is quite effective in getting the desired results. There is no denying in the fact that email marketing is more than essential for your firm as it represents your firm, its products and its interests. Normal emails do not have a place in this competitive world, therefore you need someone like us to code the best custom email template design for your firm if you want to be in the competition and grab the attention of your clients and prospects. However, no matter how great the email design is if it’s not mobile-friendly, it’s not useful.

At Pixel2mail, we understand that the spectrum of email is wide and if it’s not mobile-friendly, half of the people would ignore it. That’s why our team makes every design mobile-friendly and tests it on various platforms as well. Well, if you want to know more about why you need mobile-friendly email template, some of the reasons are under-mentioned:

Your Clients and Prospects Wouldn’t Want to See It – According to a research, if the email of your firm is not optimized for the mobile devices, 80% of the people would delete and ignore it. But, if you avail our services, we can ensure that this would not be the case.

People Spend Most of Their Time on Mobile Phones – Most people access their phone 150 times a day and precisely, 4.7 hours every day on it. So if you choose us to code the email and responsive newsletter template, it would be mobile-friendly, and thus, the chances are that it would be visited the most by the people.

Mobile-Friendly Email Designs Have Higher Clicking Rates – It has been found that the click rates of responsive and mobile-friendly design are higher that of non-responsive ones. Thus, it adds up to an important reason to opt for such email templates.

We understand all your email needs and our dedicated team puts a lot of efforts in providing email templates as per your requirements. We are even ready to sign the simple non disclosure agreement and can even deliver the email templates the next day you assign the project to us. Avail our services and watch your email marketing sky-rocketing to the next level.

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