We all have come across the emails that leave us spellbound, and the Emails that we straightforwardly dislike, because of bad design or no design at all. In this time and age of digital marketing and extensive communication, emails do hold a special importance. Provided that 2017 was the year of emails, more than 2200 billion emails were sent, 2018 is surely going to be a much bigger year for Email marketing or for communication. All this makes the aesthetic and instructiveness of emails very important, which is achieved solely by effective and responsive email design template. How exactly we help you? In essence, we code email templates for you.

As a businessperson or marketer, you need to keep your email game strong. However, businesses and concerned individuals find it hard to understand the anatomy of email template design. So how would you be on top of your email game in 2018? Instead of suggesting techniques and practices for email marketing, which we always do, we are giving the list of 7 Email design template mistakes that you need to avoid in 2018-

1. Settling for Non-Responsive Email Template design. Its 2018, you cannot afford to send emails that are non-responsive it will be a big turn off.
2. Header Size and Pre-header more than 150 pixels. Yes, keep it under 150 pixels.
3. Using Spammy Words or doing something like all caps. Avoid such things.
4. Using more than few images in a single email.
5. Spoiling the user for choices. Avoid stuffing emails with too many images, links, and offers.
6. Not providing the browser version of the email template design. Help users by providing them browser version so that they are not driven away.
7. Not optimizing the “From & To” fields. Optimize these fields to personalize your emails.

At PIXEL2MAIL we are here to help you make email template responsive. Talking about who we are, we are a group of specialized developers and we pride ourselves on being able to build astonishing email templates as well as landing pages. We know the importance of making the digital impression and we strive hard to provide our clients with the services that can match their expectations.

We also understand the importance of communication and connectivity, thus we offer interactive and appealing communication solutions. We have experts who are well versed with every technicality associated with designing of email templates and landing pages. When you ask us for assistance, you can rest assured that you will get organized, fast-loading and commented code. We also have non disclosure agreement for services.

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